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What is 10w40 engine oil?

The engine of any car is working due to oil that is pumping and lubricating it. If you go to the shop, where oils are sold, and take any bottle of oil, you will see various abbreviations, specifically 10W40. People who have just bought a car or get their driving license are not always good at technical terms but they should be. Knowing the difference between motor oils is important because using the wrong oil can damage car engine or increase its wear instead of protecting it.

The main task of any engine oil is to ensure efficient performance of engine in different conditions by lubricating all its parts. This is where xWy abbreviation comes into the picture. What does that mean?

The first number in 10W40 means viscosity, and the second number stands for effective thickness of the motor oil in different weather conditions. Viscosity is the team used to indicate how thick the oils is or how quickly it flows. The lower the weight is, the thinner the oil is. 10W40 means that the oil behaves like a 10 weight oil in cold conditions, in other words is thin, and gets a 40 weight oil at high temperature. This is extremely important as the oil has to provide immediate lubrication when the engine starts working in cold weather, and should get thicker when the engine works at high temperature, for instance in hot summer.

Motor oil 10W40 manufacturers

10W40 engine oil is popular choice of car drivers due to its features. For this reason, all world leading manufacturers of engine oil produce 10W40 oils. Among the most known are Shell, Mobil, Motul, Total, Liqui Molly brands. Using products of these companies means reliable protection and lubrication of car engine.

Where to buy 10W40 engine oil

As 10W40 engine oil is a widely spread choice, it can e bought, basically, everywhere. However, if you are looking for ways to cut expenses but still want to get a good high-quality product, search oil on the Internet. There are many online shops offering the same brands and oils at considerable price. Moreover, some websites have the best price finders that will help you find the best offer. What is the point of paying more when you can get the same at a lower price? Take care of your car and buy products only of reliable brands.

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