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5w30 engine oil review

Engine oil plays an important role in proper functioning of your car as it lubricates, cleans, protects, and cools the engine and its components. That is why choosing the right oil is immensely important. You might think that there is no difference which oil to buy but have you ever paid attention to abbreviations on the bottle of oil? Just like there are various manufacturers of oils, there different oils and technologies of their production.

There is a special code system introduced by the Society of Automotive Engineers to grade motor oils. This gradation is based upon viscosity characteristics of oil. Viscosity of conventional oil changes under the impact of various temperatures. Such effect has resulted in the need to develop multigrade oil that would change its features under the impact of different temperatures. That is the reason why all synthetic oils have W indicator.

Thus, in 5W30 engine oil the number that stands before W indicates viscosity of the motor oil in cold conditions. When driving in cold temperatures, it s better to use oil with lower W index because it reacts better to cold. The lower W index is, the thinner engine oil is. 5W oil is the usual selection in countries with very cold winters. Multigrade 5W30 oil is very popular because in extremely cold conditions it does not get thick and flows better. It lubricates engine, and protects it from wear and damage.

The best solution for your car

The list of 5W30 oil manufacturers is long but among the most recommended you will see products of Total and Mobil. Total, which is a world known manufacturer of engine oil, has developed synthetic 5W30 oil that provides:

  • profound protection of the engine. The oil decreases wear, corrosion, and ensures good lubrication;
  • fuel consumption. Reduction of oil consumption is provided due to good lubrication of engine parts;
  • clean motor. The oil removes by-products and makes the engine cleaner in comparison to traditional oils;
  • controls temperature. At high temperatures the engine gets cool, which prevents it from overheating and deterioration.

5W30 oil price

The best way to find a good price offer is to search it in online shops. Numerous online shops offer surprisingly good 5W30 oil price. Online shopping is convenient because you can choose and compare oils of different brands just in one place.

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