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75w90 engine oil

Choosing a good oil for vehicle motor is essential because it can either protect the engine or damage it. Very few car owners change motor oil themselves as it is much easier to take vehicle to mechanic, who knows perfectly well what oil your car needs. Nevertheless, it is good to have at least basic knowledge about cars, engine, and engine oil.

Today almost all oils of leading manufacturers are multirgrade products that provide maximum protection of the engine in different environmental conditions and eliminate the necessity to use different oils at different temperatures. Multigrade oil is the oil that has two viscosity grades. It gets thicker when it is hot, and becomes thinner when it is cold. The extent to which the oil changes its features is usually indicted at the bottle like 75W90. It is believed that motor oil 75W90 has similar viscosity feature of 10W40 motor oil.

Motor oil 75W90 features

Modern technologies have greatly changed design and capabilities of engines, speed, torque, etc. these changes require better lubrication to ensure excellent performance. Engine oil 75W90 can cope with this task. It is a perfect oil for passenger cars, racing vehicles, and even small trucks. The oil helps extend gear life due to minimization of deposits, retains viscosity in severe conditions, decreases wear and eliminates leakage in hot weather.

One of the most recommended manufacturers of 75W90 oil is Mobil Americna oil company. The company produces only excellent quality products. Once trying Mobil, you will hardly change it for other oil company. The best 75W90 oil price is offered by online shops. In fact, plenty of websites have price finders to help customers find the best offer online. If you are considering to try 75W90 oil, do not hesitate as it is a great oil product.

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