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5w40 engine oil

The engine of any car is its heart. If the heart works properly, then the rest will function properly too. One of the main conditions for the engine to function properly is enough lubrication, which is provided by engine oil, preventing overheating that might happen due to friction. Motor oil also ensures cleanness of the engine by suspending by-products of combustion. That is why so many oil manufacturers have dedicated years to design and produce oils that will meet requirements of engine manufacturers, and extend the life-term of vehicles.

Certification marks

Only at first glance you might think that all bottles of oil are the same. In fact, what makes them different is on the label of any bottle. There are different types of oil, and depending on the country, there various labels. For instance, in the US the engine oil usually has two labels. One of them is the certification label of the American Petroleum Institute, which is shortly called API. This label indicates that the oil corresponds with fuel economy standards and provides reliable protection to the engine. The second label contains information about API service category and viscosity index.

Viscosity index- what is that?

Viscosity is the main characteristic of any engine oil, and it is usually indicated like 5W40. Viscosity is the term used to describe how quickly the oil flows under the influence of various temperatures. Thus, 5 is the index of oil viscosity at 0 degrees, W means winter, and 40 is the index of viscosity under the impact of 100 degrees. Specialists say that the higher viscosity index, the higher is protection of the engine, and less wear. 5W40 engine oil is a good choice preferred by many drivers.

The best 5W40 price

Engine oil 5W40 is a common choice and produced by many oil companies. If it is your choice too, you can easily find it in any shop or service station. However, there are always ways to purchase the same products but at lower price. At time of modern technologies and the Internet it does not come as a surprise that the best offers can be found online. The same is with motor oil 5W40. Online shops attract customers with reasonable prices oil of well known brands such as Liqui Moly, Fuchs, Mobil, Motul, etc. Do not hesitate to compare prices of engine oils sold online and in traditional shops – you will be surprised.

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