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Liqui Moly engine oil

Engine oil is one of the most important elements, which ensures correct performance of the engine, and a vehicle, in general. If you have chosen the right product, you will protect the engine and extend its lifetime period. Thus, you should know the best oil manufacturers and products they produce.

Meet one of the best know oil trademarks on the market of oil production – Liqui Moly. The company originates in Germany but operates globally. Liqui Moly has a considerable 60-year experience and a long record of successful developments and production.

Product range

Liqui Moly offers a wide range of products that include motor and gear oils, oil additives, products for care, and chemical problem-solvers. The main product of the company is engine oil and other lubricants with MoS2. Apart from good lubrication of all parts of the motor, Liqui Moly motor oil reduces resistance to friction and provides better performance in extreme conditions. The oil is also characterized by stable viscosity, which is important for cold-start. Drivers admit that Liqui Moly oil prevents formation of sludge and by-products of combustion, leaving the engine clean. With high quality oil like Liqui Moly you can increase interval between oil change from 10, 000km up to 15,000 without any harm for the engine.

Where to buy Liqui Moly engine oil

Choosing cheap lubricants does not save much money as eventually you will have to spend more on fixing or changing the engine. Liqui Moly oil engine price is not low but it is a reliable contribution as it is a high quality product that will protect the engine and improves its performance. You can save some money by buying Liqui Moly engine oil online. In fact, sometimes online shops can offer a better product range then traditional shops.

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